Bellabeat unveils a trio of nature-inspired pregnancy tracking devices

Bellabeat pregnancy devices

Bellabeat, the startup behind the smartphone-connected device that monitors baby’s heartbeat, unveiled a whole family of tracking devices for mothers and expectant moms. All of these are made from high-quality European wood to “bridge the gap between sterile medical devices and the natural journey of pregnancy and motherhood.” Inspired by nature, Bellabeat’s products give women the chance to hear the beat of their baby’s heart whenever and wherever they want, and to easily track their weight, sleep, activity and stress. The new devices include:

Bellabeat Shell

The Bellabeat Shell helps expectant moms feel closer to their baby with non-invasive technology using high-sensitivity sensors. Mothers can feel at ease by listening to the calming sound of their baby’s heartbeat and sharing the sound with loved ones. The Bellabeat Shell also allows mothers to play calming music to their baby and track their reaction.

Bellabeat Leaf

The Bellabeat Leaf is a wearable device that gives women insight into their and their baby’s health. Described as a combination of nature, technology and fashion, the Leaf can be added to any outfit as a bracelet, necklace or pendant. It is an activity tracker, while also helping women track their sleep and stress level, and give immediate feedback and advice if necessary.

Bellabeat Balance

This smart scale is made of wood, helping women track their weight before, during and after pregnancy. The weight information is sent directly to the Bellabeat app and saves the entire experience in one place for their convenience. This is the first-ever scale that measures the weight of mom and baby separately and can be used before, during and after pregnancy.

By bringing quantified self-tools to pregnancy, Bellabeat is encouraging every woman to take care of her health and to be informed during every phase of her pregnancy and after birth. All three new gadgets work with Bellabeat’s app, giving moms the ability to track their pregnancy literally in the palm of their hand.