Flaredown makes it easy to track chronic illness


Flaredown is a website and mobile app that makes it easy to visualize patient’s health and treatment progress. It is based on research-backed data from patients who battle chronic illness issues to establish how well treatments work in the real world, and uncover the best new ones.

Flaredown will take patients’ answers, crunch the numbers, and graph illness activity over time.This software is easy to grasp, with users logging in once a day to answer few questions about illness. After that, the system is using algorithms to rate the severity of a patient’s condition. Flaredown will take the answers, crunch the numbers, and graph illness activity over time. As a result, patients can easily see what’s causing them to feel bad; they can also go back through a complete, visual history of illness and see clearly what triggered symptoms, and how well treatments are working.

All results can be print out in a format that’s ready to show to a doctor, providing well needed accuracy for doctor’s diagnosis while saving time saving for both parties.

Additionally, each treatment/trigger page has a discussion section where patients can talk directly with one another about their experience with the topic.

Flaredown is usable in all chronic conditions but as of now, it has specialized check-ins for Crohn’s Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis. The team behind the software is looking to raise $25,000 at the crowdfunding website Indiegogo; if they succeed in that goal, they’ll add support for other conditions.