UniverSole pressure tracking insoles raising funds at Kickstarter


UniverSole insoles are high-tech insoles dedicated to improving and tracking wearer’s fitness performance and posture, together with everyday activities such as walking. Comfortable and durable, UniverSoles easily swap in and out of any model of footwear.

With a strong team of engineers, developers, and data scientists, combined with amazing guidance from established advisors – UniverSole has been aggressively iterating the insole design over the past year. To make the product perfect, they will use the thinnest and most flexible Force Sensing Resistors (FSR) on the market.

“Monitoring and tracking activity by foot pressure allows us to see in-depth information that can’t be monitored anywhere else on your body,” UniverSoles’ Kickstarter page says. “We can see information like how often you apply pressure to specific areas of your feet while walking, allowing us to identify any tendencies that are hindering your performance. This can be applied to countless activities.”

When you are active, the accompanying app — which will be available for iOS and Android — is learning your unique footwork to eventually provide users with advice on how to improve it. Said application will also be used to manage different settings of UniverSole and access all of the information these smart insoles gather throughout the day.

UniverSole is looking to raise $75,000 at the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. You can support it from here.