An app tunes into HealthKit to predict the time of one’s death

Deadline app

There’s a new app available for iPhone users that tells users the time of their death. Using the data from Apple’s HealthKit platform as well as a few simple questions about user’s lifestyle, Deadline can show an estimate of the date and time you will “expire.”

The concept sounds crazy but the idea is to push users towards a healthier lifestyle, with every healthy meal and an extra exercise recorded adding days, months, or years to your life. Other factors that could prolong user’s life in Deadline include weight, sleep, sex life and blood pressure.

“Deadline uses statistical information to attempt to determine your date of expiration, but no app can really accurately determine when you will die, so consider this a way to motivate yourself to be healthier, and consult a physician as necessary,” the app’s page at Apple’s AppStore reads.

It’s a strange way to motivate users to exercise more, but if it works for you, go for it; who are we to judge.