Jawbone unveils high-end Up3 and affordable Up Move fitness trackers

Jawbone Up3 and Up Move

Jawbone unveiled a pair of wearable devices today, Up3 and Up Move. The former supersedes the current Up24 fitness band, adding new features and capabilities to the mix, while the latter provides fitness tracking for the masses.

Jawbone Up3

The Up3 is Jawbone’s most advanced fitness tracker ever. Not only will it track user’s physical activity or their lack off and sleep, but also include heart rate readings to the mix. The company claims their (heart rate) sensor is the most accurate available on a wearable device today.

Jawbone Up3

Using the so called bioimpedance technology, the Up3 is able to get accurate heart rate readings while drawing significantly less battery life.Using the so called bioimpedance technology, the Up3 is able to get accurate heart rate readings while drawing significantly less battery life, which BTW tops at seven days on a full charge. Moreover, heart rate is broken down into three parts — heart rate during activity, resting heart rate and heart rate throughout the day — to help Up3 owners gauge their overall heart health. Respiration rate and galvanic skin response measurements will be enabled through an update next year.

The Jawbone Up3 is waterproof up to 10 meters, and is able to automatically detect various activities such as sleeping, walking, running, swimming and so on. The device itself has been designed with the help of Yves Behar, who made sure this is something you actually want to wear 24/7. The tracker features a central housing surrounded by a flexible band, which will initially be available in black with other color options coming at a later date. Said band comes with sensors of its own and can perfectly work even without the central unit, though you won’t get the same amount of data.

Perhaps more important is the way all the information gathered comes together. This is where Jawbone’s Smart Coach platform kicks in, offering personalized insights and guidance to every individual. Said platform has been open-sourced to allow third-party developers to use it the way they want to, and for instance include the Jawbone data into their apps and services. In other words, Smart Coach in a way competes with Android Wear, Microsoft Health, Apple HealthKit and Pebble.

The Up3 will start selling later this year for $180.

Jawbone Up Move

This $50 activity tracker is made to compete with the likes of Misfit Flash. Included in the deal are fitness and sleep tracking features, and battery that provides enough juice to keep the device going for up to six months.

Jawbone Up Move

Jawbone Up Move provides basic fitness and sleep tracking, and has a 6-month battery life.The Up Move comes in a water-resistant anodized aluminum body that slots into a clip-on dongle which can be attached to a belt loop. Alternatively, there’s a silicon rubber wrist strap that is available for an additional $15.

Similar to Misfit’s products, Jawbone’s tracker also has an LED watch that tells the time through two embedded LEDs. All the data gathered is transferred to an accompanying mobile app via Bluetooth, where it is analyzed and presented to the user in an easy-to-grasp manner. From the app, users can also access the mentioned Smart Coach feature to get personalized recommendations based on the intensity of their workouts.

The Jawbone Up Move is available for pre-order now from Jawbone’s website. Shipments are set to commence on November 19th, and users get to choose between five different color options.