SKE Labs unveils NEO, the smart jar

SKE Labs unveils NEO

SKE (Smart Kitchen Ecosystem) Labs makes sensor and cloud-based devices that enable users to connect to their kitchen, discover personalized content and shop with zero-touch. They’ve used CES to unveil Neo, the smart container that uses Bluetooth connectivity and ultra-responsive sensors to track its nutritional content. This smart jar can automatically buy ingredients when users are running low and sync the data with compatible fitness devices.

Neo can help users watch their carbs, reduce fat, or manage sodium intake, among other things.
Engineered to transform user everyday interaction with food, Neo is dishwasher safe, supports wireless charging and has an LED light ring to let users know if they’re running low on supplies/ingredients. It also communicates with an accompanying mobile app on iOS and Android, and there’s even an SDK to allow third-party developers to chip-in and further extend the capability of the jar.

The “magic” starts by scanning the barcode of the food before putting it into Neo. Presuming there’s information on SKE Labs’ servers about that food item, the accompanying app will provide useful information and advice, such as recipes, and over time – it will get to learn one’s eating habits. Plus, it can help users watch their carbs, reduce fat, or manage sodium intake.

Neo is still not available, though; right now you can sign-up at SKE Labs’ website and be notified when it starts selling.