Centura Health launching Welltok’s CafeWell Concierge app powered by IBM Watson

CafeWell Concierge app

Centura Health Heart and Vascular Network are implementing Welltok’s new consumer engagement solution called CafeWell Concierge, an app powered by IBM Watson.

Centura Health is the first organization to embrace the app and roll it out to consumers who are transitioning back to everyday life after experiencing a heart condition. The goal is to support and guide consumers in their health journey and empower them to make smarter decisions with the platform.

The application enables users to ask questions about daily health management and recommendations, find options for cardiac rehabilitation exercises and activities, research new heart-healthy recipes and dishes at local restaurants, identify educational resources and videos on living with heart conditions, and participate in online communities and support groups.

The CafeWell Concierge app combines Welltok’s Health Optimization Platform with Watson’s ability to understand natural language.The CafeWell Concierge app combines Welltok‘s Health Optimization Platform with Watson’s ability to understand natural language, unlock new insights in high volume data streams and learn, over time, with each interaction. The application provides consumers with immediate access to health and wellness resources and supports Centura Health in delivering a personalized experience with relevant and actionable recommendations based on the individual’s health conditions, interests, motivations and goals. Watson is then able to learn which plans and rewards are most successful in helping individuals reach their health and wellness goals, and intuitively customize its recommendations, which are based on evidence-based medicine guidelines.

“Our physicians and health care teams are dedicated to an integrated approach that engages consumers with resources they can use beyond the clinical setting,” said Jon Gardner, vice president, Centura Health Heart and Vascular Network. “We see this as the first step in delivering a digital health solution that meets health needs and rewards consumers for achieving personal health and wellness goals.”

Welltok is a member of the IBM Watson Ecosystem and was the first recipient of a direct investment from IBM made through its $100 million fund to seed Watson innovations.