Google looking to add gamification to Google Fit, Android Wear apps

Games in Motion

Google released an open source sample called “Games in Motion” to demonstrate how developers can make fun games using Google Fit and Android Wear. The goal is to make it easier for developers to integrate gamification elements in their apps, to entice more users to exercise regularly.

Games in Motion is written in Java using Android Studio. It demonstrates multiple Android technologies:

  • Android Wear bridges notifications from a smartphone or tablet to a paired Android Wear device. The notifications are stacked so we can show multiple stats at the same time.
  • Google Fit API collects and processes fitness data and sessions. This allows us to use the fitness data to show user progress. All exercise sessions done in Games in Motion will be recorded to Google Fit as well.
  • Google Play Games Services is used to create and unlock achievements.
  • Several different Android audio APIs are integrated.
  • JUnit tests are present for the data-driven parser, which demonstrates how unit testing can be done within Android Studio.

The code samples are available now on GitHub for developers to download.