NEXTToMe wearable detects environmental factors to keep users healthy


NEXTToMe is a wearable device that won’t count your steps. Rather, its sensors monitor user’s surroundings, including CO levels in the air, body or object temperature, blood alcohol content, UV rays, light intensity, ambient temperature, humidity, altitude and air pressure. Like any modern smart device, it works with a companion app to display the data gathered in an easy-to-grasp manner.

Developed by Aroma Technology, NEXTToMe was created after the company’s founder and CEO Simon Vicari started wondering whether there would be health and safety risks for him and his family after being in / travelling to different environments. He wanted to get a better understanding of the different body and environment measurement parameters while on the go.

NEXTToMe is up for pre-order through Indiegogo, where first 100 users can grab the device for $89.Designed with everyday use in mind, NEXTToMe can be fitted in genuine eco-processed leather handmade in Italy or in athletic rubber wristbands. It can also be attached to keychains, wrist straps, around your neck or pinned to your clothes; or, it can be attached to a wall if users want to measure CO levels, temperature and humidity in the home or office.

The NEXTToMe app serves as the hub for receiving information gathered by the device, while also providing a social network of sorts where NEXTToMe users come together to share their data.

Powered by a 3.7V 325mAh battery, the device comes with a full month of battery life, in addition to two weeks in “operational mode,” defined as intervals of fifteen minutes with three sensors working simultaneously. NEXTToMe is also lightweight coming in at 26grams and is designed with on-the-go travel in mind measuring in at 1.8in in length and height and 0.35in in width.

Aroma Technology is currently taking pre-orders for the NEXTToMe through Indiegogo, where interested users can grab their unit for $89 (early bird price for 100 fastest buyers). Users get to choose between three different colors — Black, Jungle Green, and Orange — each of which can be paired with exact color athletic wristbands. Deliveries are slated for August of this year.