This smart cigarette case wants to help smokers kick the habbit


Quitting smoking isn’t as easy as it may sound to non-smokers. And unsurprisingly, there’s a whole industry trying to help smokers kick the habit.

The NicoTrax cigarette case uses sensors to keep track of how many cigarettes you smoke in a given day.Joining this market with a novel solution is NicoTrax, which unveiled a “smart cigarette case” that allows users to closely track their habit and by doing so, find a way to get rid of it. The project, which came out of the Engineering Entrepreneurs Program at North Carolina State University, recently launched its Indiegogo campaign looking to raise $50,000 with a single NicoTrax unit starting at $70 (early bird).

“To break habits, you’ve got to understand them,” says Kyle Linton, CEO of NicoTrax. “And we’re optimistic that NicoTrax can help a lot of people break their addiction to tobacco.”

The NicoTrax cigarette case uses sensors to keep track of how many cigarettes you smoke in a given day. This information is then beamed to a companion mobile app and a web dashboard, from where users get to watch how they progress over time. Also, the app supports goal setting, and geotagging to provide information on places where you smoke the most. This, apparently, could help users in their effort to smoke fewer cigarettes per day. And if pure data doesn’t help, NicoTrax will make sure to send alerts to skip a cigarette or two. Or, it can send pictures of loved ones, news articles and other motivational content to help you get past that moment.

NicoTrax will be proactively sending alerts to skip a cigarette or two.“The ultimate goal is to be a positive platform,” says Linton. “There are so many anti-smoking products and a lot of them are like, ‘This is your lungs after six months.’ Instead, we push content that is motivational. That could be photos of your kids or your spouse. It could be something financial. We want to take whatever would motivate you to quit and bring that to the forefront of your mind.”

NicoTrax is by no means the first company to use modern mobile technology to help users quit smoking. Previously we’ve seen a smart patch, a smart lighter and a smart e-cigarette. However, we yet have to see any proof that any of these gadgets actually “gets the job done” despite their promising features. We kinda like the idea of regular products getting their smart equivalents.