Withings teams-up with Spotify to enhance the wake up experience

Withings Aura Connected Alarm Clock

Withings is launching the Aura Connected Alarm Clock that will come with preloaded support for popular music service Spotify. The resulting capabilities, Withings claims, will give users the “unique ability to customize and optimize their fall-asleep and wake up experience” through tailored and curated playlists that are chosen or suggested based on tracks that suit their musical preference and impact on their sleep cycles. The Spotify experience will also be available to owners of the existing Aura Total Sleep System.

Spotify’s catalog counts more than 30 million songs, and the mentioned custom-made recommendations are delivered through the Withings Health Mate app, which is now also available to Android users.

Touted as the most advanced alarm clock, the newly announced Aura Connect Alarm Clock Wake-up Light & Sound System has a lower price point than the Aura Total Sleep System. It can help users control room environment conditions, but it won’t monitor sleep and biometric patterns throughout the night.

Withings also announced the Aura Connect Alarm Clock Wake-up Light & Sound System, touting it as the most advanced alarm clock ever.“By combining environmental sensors, light therapy and now thanks to our partnership with Spotify, the most personal of musical choices, we can help people get the better start they deserve and attack the day energized after a sound night’s sleep,” said Cedric Hutchings, CEO of Withings.

Available at withings.com and Amazon, the Aura line is now comprised of the Aura Total Sleep System priced $299.95 (Connected Alarm Clock + Sleep Sensor), the Aura Connected Alarm Clock priced $189.95 and the Aura Sleep Sensor priced $129.95. Access to Spotify capabilities requires Spotify Premium Membership.