Presence Pro Care with a number of sensors and features launches on Indiegogo

Presence Pro Care

A company called People Power has turned to Indiegogo to crowdfund Presence Pro Care, its mobile-based software solution designed for in-home care. Envisioned as a customizable white-label system, it enables service providers to easily brand and offer it to their customers to generate new ongoing revenues.

The Presence Pro Care campaign is looking to raise $20,000 with Starter Pack going for $99.Presence Pro Care includes a number of devices and features, including:

  • An emergency button that triggers alerts to a Trusted Circle caregivers
  • A connected pill dispenser that alerts if the patient forgets to take medications
  • Fall detection motion sensing and analytics
  • Integration with the Amazon Echo, so someone can call for help verbally
  • Emergency response in the U.S. including dispatching an ambulance
  • Two way audio and video calls that can initiated by the caregiver
  • Messaging, scheduling and note taking between caregivers through the app
  • Digital picture frame mode for Presence cameras
  • Medication and Wellness tracking to share with doctors during visits

Also, the system includes Wellness Challenges to exercise regularly, real-time data analytics and sharing capabilities amongst patients and caregivers. These features combined, People Power claims, will help address one of the biggest challenges in society today – a rapidly aging population with a healthcare system that cannot keep pace with their needs.

The Presence Pro Care campaign is looking to raise $20,000 with Starter Pack going for $99. More advanced/expensive options include Pro Care Silver Pack ($279), Pro Care Gold Pack ($349), and Pro Care Platinum Pack ($489).