LifeMap Solutions, Stanford University School of Medicine launch MyHeart Counts 2.0

MyHeart Counts app

LifeMap Solutions, which we know as one of the first organizations to launch a ResearchKit-based app (Asthma Health), announced that it has worked with researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine to develop and launch MyHeart Counts 2.0. This version of the app presents users with graphs that show how they compare to other users in terms of how many steps they take each day, how happy they are, how much they sleep and the quantity of vegetables they are eating. The app also features the Stanford Coaching Module, which includes personalized coaching that varies for each user, depending on his or her activity profile.

“The co-developer relationship between our organizations is aimed at advancing scientific knowledge of major medical conditions through practical, effective, and engaging mHealth solutions,” Corey Bridges, CEO of LifeMap Solutions, said in a statement.

MyHeart Counts 2.0 collects data about physical activity and cardiac risk factors that will be used to improve prevention and treatment of heart disease through smartphones. With the introduction of interventional coaching modules, participants are assigned one of five available profiles based on their patterns of activity. They are then presented with personalized prompts intended to improve upon their activity level.

In addition to the new modules, the re-engineered app introduces additional graph comparisons and a graphical redesign of the app to increase engagement…