MyHeart Counts app

LifeMap Solutions, Stanford University School of Medicine launch MyHeart Counts 2.0

The updated app includes the Stanford Coaching Module, which includes personalized coaching that varies for each user, depending on his or her activity profile.

LifeMap Solutions, Mount Sinai launch patient services app for Android devices

Called MountSinaiNY, the application offers general facility information, appointment booking, bill pay, and access to patient medical records.
Lifemap Solutions

ResearchKit app developer offers its expertise to other companies

Developer of Asthma Health, LifeMap Solutions, launches full-service mHealth app design and development for medical, research, and commercial clients.
Asthma Health

Asthma Health ResearchKit app comes to the UK and Ireland

The application enables individuals with asthma to participate in a large­-scale medical research study by simply using their Apple iPhones.
COPD Navigator app

LifeMap Solutions launches COPD Navigator for iPhone

Available as a free download, the app relies on evidence-based care guidelines to empower COPD patients to better monitor and manage their condition.
Doctor Dashboard on Asthma Health

Asthma Health app updated with Doctor Dashboard, Epic EHR integration

Said app enables asthma patients to participate in a study by using their iPhones; the new features enable participants to use the app with their physicians.
Apple ResearchKit Daily Prompt Engagement

ResearchKit users are engaged, willing to give consent for the study

LifeMap Solutions claims that Asthma Health app users as engaged (or more) with Asthma Health as they are with games and social networks.
LifeMap Solutions app

LifeMap, Mount Sinai announce pilot program of COPD Navigator

The mHealth app, available for iOS devices, will help patients monitor and manage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).
Corey Bridges

Interview with Corey Bridges, CEO and co-founder of LifeMap Solutions

The company is developing innovative digital therapeutics in partnership with the Icahn Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology, located within the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.