EverSleep can track your sleep, detect conditions like snoring, apnea and insomnia

EverSleep Personal Sleep Tracker

Just a few days after we’ve told you about Apple’s acquisition of Beddit, we have another player entering the sleep tracking space.

Golden, Colo.-based Somno Health is that new player, with its EverSleep Personal Sleep Tracker promising to go beyond basic sleep monitoring to also be able to detect conditions such as snoring, apnea, and insomnia. The device is still not available to purchase, and right now you can get your unit through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, looking to raise about $40,000.

What makes this sleep tracker different from others we’ve seen is that it uses an oxygen-monitoring technology that on one hand allow it to come up with more comprehensive findings, and on the other — make it that much harder to wear during the night.

EverSleep consists of a wire with a sensor that clips onto your finger tip as well as a band that wraps around your wrist. Inside, it has four different sensors that can track over 20 aspects of sleep.

If you can bear wearing it throughout the night, you will be rewarded with actionable tips on how to improve your sleep. Also, the companion app will provide you with personalized coaching to help solve sleep problems, along with access to all other data such as pulse rate, micro-motions, and blood oxygen levels.

Somno Health was co-founded by David Tobler and Chris Cowley, both medical device engineers focused on oxygen-monitoring technology. Also, Pickerill is a sleep clinician and entrepreneur who built a chain of sleep labs.