ClassPass adds Covid-19 vaccine finder capability to its app

The fitness and wellness network will promote vaccine centers within the app, giving members accurate information on where to book vaccine appointments.

ClassPass Covid-19 Vaccine Finder

ClassPass, which is a fitness and wellness network, is making vaccine centers searchable within the app and website. Members can easily determine the closest vaccine center to their home and obtain information including hours of operation and contact information for nearby clinics and health offices.

How does it work?

At launch, vaccine centers will be searchable in Boston, Chicago and New York City with additional cities soon to follow including Denver, Los Angeles and San Francisco. While members will not be able to book appointments within the app, they will be provided with information on how to schedule appointments at listed clinics. To find available locations nearby or look for a relative in another city, members can search for “COVID Vaccination Center” within the ClassPass app and website.

ClassPass has worked with all currently operating fitness and wellness businesses to put their COVID-specific safety and cleanliness policies front and center for members returning to in-person experiences. All 30,000 fitness partners and over 11,500 wellness and beauty partners have been asked to provide updated details on their COVID policies including mask requirements, contactless check-in and capacity restrictions. ClassPass has also worked with 5,000 top studios around the world to add digital classes as an option for members who are staying at home.

On the record

“We are in a global health crisis and every company should be helping to support relief and vaccination efforts however they can. Using the ClassPass platform to connect members with vaccine centers is a natural extension of our technology and a way that we can contribute to curbing the spread of COVID-19,” says Jeff Bladt, VP of Pricing and Inventory. “We have deep knowledge of how to help people find accurate and up-to-date information on local businesses after routing millions of users to fitness and wellness locations across 30 countries.”

“The process of finding a vaccination appointment can be challenging and many people don’t know where to start. I was thrilled to hear that ClassPass, a high touch app that has already trained people how to search for vital health information, is leveraging their platform to make it easier to identify vaccine sites and secure appointments. Anything that can address this information gap is critical in getting more people vaccinated,” says Dr. Vin Gupta, a critical care pulmonologist, health policy expert, and NBC News Medical Analyst.

The context

This is not the first time that ClassPass has employed their technology for social and health-related causes. During the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, ClassPass helped voters to find accurate information on where to register and cast their ballot. In June 2020 following nationwide protests and a call to action on racial justice, ClassPass used their platform to aggregate local events and panels and encouraged their community to join the conversation.