Here’s how the UK will regulate medical devices after Brexit

The CE Mark approval will continue to be used and recognized until June 30, 2023, as will certificates issued by EEA-based notified bodies...

UK’s Babylon raises $25M for its remote healthcare service

The company offers a mobile app that allows users to book a video consultation with a doctor or a therapist, track their health, and store health information.
Visible Patient

Visible Patient gets the FDA nod to bring its custom 3D anatomy models to...

VP Planning Software Suite allows surgeons to send radiological data to Visible Patient where in-house designers create 3D models based on the data received.

SwiftQueue raises €500k for its healthcare appointment software

The company's platform lets letting patients book or cancel their appointments online, and by doing so - reduces waiting times for hospitals and clinics.
flag of Denmark

Denmark launching 5 telehealth projects

The country's Digitization Authority will support these projects with roughly $3.3 million in funding.
SmartQuit app

2Morrow’s smoking cessation app SmartQuit heading to Turkey

Together with mHealth Technologies, 2Morrow will localize the SmartQuit app to help about 14 million people in Turkey (as of 2013) kick the habit.
NHS Choices

UK’s NHS launches library of government-approved mHealth apps

Right now, the library counts just five apps dealing with mental health but chances are the number (and scope) will grow in the months to come.

23andMe launches £125 DNA testing service in the UK

The company's mail-order DNA kits provide customers with an overview of their genetic ancestry, and risk assessments for certain diseases based on genetic data.

CareZapp’s platform is made to support home healthcare

Launched in beta from the floor of Disrupt Europe event, the company is looking to make providing home care for sick and elderly easier to manage.
Turkcell successfully trials wireless glucose meter device

Turkish mobile operator Turkcell successfully trials wireless glucose meter device

The study involved some 200 people with diabetes all of whom followed their regular drug regimen; half of the participants used the Healthmeter device.