CVS/pharmacy mobile app updated with Drug Interaction Checker feature

CVS/pharmacy mobile app updated with Drug Interaction Checker feature

The CVS Mobile app has been updated with the Drug Interaction Checker feature that allows users to quickly check for potential drug interactions by comparing over-the-counter (OTC) products with their prescriptions and other OTCs on their smartphones.

Users simply enter the name of the product or active ingredients, or scan the UPC barcode with their smartphone camera. The Drug Interaction Checker will then compare available product details against the OTCs or prescription medications that are entered or imported through the patient’s secure pharmacy history. The tool will identify possible interactions based on a continually updated database of drug information to alert users of any potential issues.

“Our new Drug Interaction Checker empowers our customers to make important decisions about their health with a convenient tool that determines whether an over-the-counter product may impact the prescriptions they are taking,” said Brian Tilzer, Senior Vice President, Chief Digital Officer for CVS/pharmacy. “Our goal at CVS/pharmacy is to continually find new ways of helping people on their path to better health, and this new feature demonstrates how we intend to harness the power of mobile technology as a cutting-edge health resource that addresses real needs of our customers.”

Users have the option to import prescriptions from their online MyCVS Pharmacy accounts or manually enter drug information. The Drug Interaction Checker is located on the home screen of the CVS Mobile app, with a new and easy-to-identify icon.

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