QuantuMDx’s unveils world’s first handheld DNA lab


A company called QuantuMDx is raising funds for its handheld DNA lab, which despite its size, offers super-accurate diagnostics in under 15 minutes. Although it will be able to diagnose cancer, flu, TB, STIs – the device will initially work to tackle malaria, a disease which kills a child every minute.

According to the project authors, they have already managed to carry out diagnostic tests through the technology is still in the prototype stage.

QuantuMDx has successfully carried out diagnostic tests using its innovative tech.The idea came from biotech scientist Jonathan O’Halloran who teamed-up with business-savvy Elaine Warburton. The duo figured Africa’s healtchcare workers on the ground need a full diagnostic laboratory that must be both fast and accurate. As well as cheap.

Couple of years later, and QuantuMDx’s team has a staff of 35 spread across England, the United States and Singapore. The company is working side by side with infectious disease expert Prof Sanjeev Krishna, Malaria Lead Dr Henry Staines and their team at St George’s, University of London; Dr Pedro Gil at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden; Prof Peter Kremser at Tuebingen University, Germany; and the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Gabon, Africa to ensure the malaria test gives a full drug resistance screening.

The project is now getting close to the launch, with the team asking $50,000 in an Indiegogo campaign to fullfil their dream and help tackle malaria. QuantuMDx isn’t selling the portable DNA lab; rather, they ask for contributions to help them fight the nasty disease. As little as $10 coud help, but the real action starts at $75, which is a cost of a single malaria test. You can check out the campaign, and perhaps even contribute from this page Indiegogo’s website.