FitStar updated with audible Rep Ticks, referral program, MyFitnessPal integration and two new FreeStyle Sessions


FitStar, which is the “#1 personal training app for the iPad” (and also available on the iPhone) has been updated with few new features.

First, there are audible Rep Ticks that are made to help users keep pace during their Sessions. This option is turned on from Menu -> Settings -> Personal Settings. From the same place, BTW, Premium users can turn on HD video.

Second, there’s the new ability to “earn” free months of FitStar by getting your friends involved. Each FitStar user has their own unique referral code, which can be revealed from the Menu -> Refer Friends. For every friend you refer to FitStar Premium, you both get one free month.

Third, FitStar now includes seamless integration with MyFitnessPal.

Finally, there are two new FreeStyle Sessions: a low-impact workout Rock Steady, and Beach Booty, which is a 20-minute full body blast.

FitStar is available in two different versions – free and Premium, the latter of which costs $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year.