FitStar multiscreen

FitStar comes to Android

FitStar Personal Trainer for Android includes four goal-based programs -- Get Strong, Get Lean, Get Moving and Daily Dose -- as well as Freestyle sessions.
Fitbit acquires FitStar

Fitbit confirms the acquisition of FitStar

The fitness band maker hasn't provided any numbers, but TechCrunch's sources believe Fitbit paid anywhere between $25 and $40 million for the privilege.

Fitbit looking to acquire FitStar?

According to TechCrunch's source close to the matter, Fitbit may end up paying anywhere between $25 and $40 million in for the privilege.
FitStar Yoga hits the AppStore

FitStar Yoga hits the AppStore

At its debut, the application comes with workouts from more than 300 yoga poses, along with eight hand-crafted Freestyle sessions.
FitStar Back-to-School Workout Challenge

FitStar unveils Back-to-School Workout Challenge

The 10-day challenge runs through August 31, featuring a plan specifically designed to snap users out of their fitness slump after a summer of fun.
FitStar Personal Trainer

FitStar Personal Trainer app updated with Challenges, improved sharing and more

This release also comes with improved Session summary that recaps user workouts, highlighting minutes completed, calories burned and Moves completed.
FitStar Yoga

FitStar Yoga with yoga legend Tara Stiles launching this fall

FitStar Personal Trainer was a success for the company, so they're stretching the platform to reach new audiences with the yoga app.
FitStar World Cup Workout Challenge

FitStar launches 10-day “World Cup Workout Challenge”

The special 10-day program runs through June 22, allowing non-paid users to try out several premium Freestyle Sessions for free.
FitStar is turning one-year old, passes 1 million downloads

FitStar is turning one-year old, passes 1 million downloads

During this time the company helped users collectively burn 150 million calories, which is nearly 50,000 pounds or the weight of five adult African elephants.
FitStar teams-up with Greatist over a new FreeStyle Session

FitStar teams-up with Greatist over a new FreeStyle Session, kicks off “No Excuses Ultimate...

The "Greatist Wherever Workout" session is available for free and includes five new exercises, as well as the return of the Warm-Up and Cool Down Moves.