Starkey Hearing Technologies’ Halo is an iPhone-compatible hearing aid

Starkey Hearing Technologies' Halo is an iPhone-compatible hearing aid

Starkey Hearing Technologies announced Halo, a Made for iPhone hearing aid that provides a new, discreet hearing aid option that seamlessly connects with Apple’s iOS-based devices. The tiny device promises to make “every aspect of life better” – from conversations to phone calls to listening to music.

“Halo brings what people love about Starkey hearing aids to anyone who suffers from hearing loss,” said Dave Fabry, Vice President of Audiology and Professional Services for Starkey Hearing Technologies. “Halo delivers new standards of performance and personalization, while providing convenient control and connectivity to iOS devices.”

Taking advantage of TruLink Technology, will connect with the TruLink Hearing Control app to deliver the following features:

  • SoundSpace – Allows a wearer to adjust sound settings in any environment and then save the preferred setting as a TruLink Memory.
  • TruLink Memories – Provides wearers the ability to personalize and geotag memories to match what they do and where they go (e.g., Halo switches to Gym Memory when the wearer arrives at the gym).
  • Remote Control – Allows the user to change hearing aid volume and memories to desired preferences via iPhone.
  • Live Microphone – Allows recording, playing back and even emailing audio as it happens.
  • Find My Hearing Aids – Provides the location and a time stamp of Halo hearing aids that are lost or misplaced.

Aside from its ability to sing along the iPhone, Halo will also work as standalone hearing aid all with Starkey’s features such as feedback cancellation, adaptive noise management and directionality.