Vint launching with the mission to become Uber for personal fitness

Vint app for iPhone

Vint is a new company that wants to prove that gyms suck. According to them, gyms are impersonal, snare customers with fine-print contracts, and offer little variety beyond one-size-fits-all cardio workouts. On the hand, traditional personal trainers cost a small fortune even when sessions are bought in bulk.

So they are on the mission to become Uber for personal fitness, “bringing fitness back to the people.” Vint wants to accomplish this by merging mobile technology with a grassroots movement composed of certified instructors and local athletes who live in the neighborhood and have a passion for fitness or a specific sport to share with the rest of us. Through Vint, these talented individuals can offer a wide variety of personalized workouts that fit any goal, time constraint, fitness level or budget.

As part of its #BetterWorkouts SF Initiative, Vint is offering the first $100,000 worth of personal and small group training for free to those in the San Francisco area.Led by a team of entrepreneurial veterans, tech wizards, marathoners and world-class mountaineers, the company is launching with over 50 hand-qualified, passionate athletes and instructors across 15 workout and sport options in San Francisco, who are vetted and rated based on their knowledge, understanding of safety, teaching ability, social skills and passion. Using the mobile app — available for iOS and Android — users can view detailed descriptions of nearby workouts, send questions to instructors, and easily book and pay for an in-person session, contract-free.

Vint members can now sign up for the following types of workouts, with more added daily: Running (Trail and Distance), Yoga, Football Training, Weightlifting, High Intensity Interval Training, Tennis, Cardio Fitness, Training, Bootcamps, Tai Chi, Pilates, Rowing, Boxing, Strength Conditioning, Rock Climbing and Ballroom Dancing.

Vint is also offering the first $100,000 worth of personal and small group training for free to those in the San Francisco area, as part of the company’s #BetterWorkouts SF Initiative.

Finally, Vint is also announcing launch partnerships with a number of companies such as Dropbox, Spotify, and Zendesk all of which will be hosting Vint sessions for their employees.