American Well will use HealthKit to enhance its telehealth service

American Well will use HealthKit to enhance its telehealth service

Patients using the Amwell app on iOS 8 devices will be able to share health data from Apple's new Health app with a doctor during their video visit.
American Well

American Well raises $80M in Series C round

The company offers a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform that gives consumers direct access to their choice of U.S. board-certified clinicians.
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64% of consumers would use telehealth services

Additionally, 63% of consumers believe that live video visits are more likely to yield an accurate diagnosis than phone or email alone.
Telemed Tablet

American Well’s Telemed Tablet engages specialists within a hospital

The built-in software facilitates immediate live video visits between the requesting clinician and the remote provider, to assist in patient care.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts - American Well

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts piloting AmWell’s telehealth service

During the two-year-long pilot, health care providers will assess and treat patients with select health conditions using video visits.
ATA Seal of Accreditation

More than 200 organizations register for the ATA program

The program recognizes U.S. healthcare entities that provide real-time, online consultations directly to the patient that meet specific standards.
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Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals launches telehealth services

Using JeffConnect, patients are currently able to schedule follow-up virtual visits in Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Otolaryngology and Urology.
AmWell next-gen platform

AmWell unveils its next-gen solution, calls it Telehealth 2.0

The new solution, AW8, brings a number of new features to the mix, while also enabling individual physicians to bring telehealth into their daily practice.
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Teva Pharmaceuticals invests “tens of millions” in American Well

Teva is committed to attaining a significant presence in the rapidly growing electronic medicine field, so that it can expand its solutions beyond medication.
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American Well sues Teladoc over patent infringement

American Well accuses its rival of deploying an online telehealth platform that allegedly mirrors what Boston-based American Well deploys.