BASIS Science

Basis Science offers the advanced wrist-based health/fitness tracker and online dashboard for people to incorporate healthy habits into their daily routine.

Basis Peak Titanium Edition

Basis Peak gets Apple HealthKit, Google Fit support

The company also unveiled a fancier, Titanium Edition device (available for $299.99) along with a new line of fashionable leather accessory straps.
Basis Peak

Basis donates 1,000 fitness trackers to veterans

The smartwatches will be used in a pilot study focused on tracking sleep patterns in veterans suffering from PTSD-related nightmares.
Basis Peak

Basis Peak updated with notifications, ability to export data

Data export options include minute-by-minute sensor data including heart rate, calories burned, steps, perspiration and skin temperature.
Basis Peak

Basis Peak now available in the U.S. from Amazon, Best Buy and REI

The Intel-owned company has also announced smartphone notifications, heart rate streaming to 3rd party apps along with sporty accessory straps.
Basis Peak smart watch

Intel unveils fitness-tracking Basis Peak smart watch

Compared to the original Basis B1 model, the Peak looks much better and has and even more advanced sensors that can track heart rate even during workouts.
Intel's acquisition of BASIS Science is a done deal

Intel’s acquisition of BASIS Science is a done deal

BASIS Science makes the Basis band, which captures physiological metrics such as heart rate to help people get fit, sleep better and stress less.