Moff previews PAC-MAN gamified fitness app at CES

In the game, user is directing PAC-MAN with their arm movements to actively guide PAC-MAN through the maze, while wearing the Moff Band.
TempTraq Connect

TempTraq gets a cloud service to support remote monitoring

Called TempTraq Connect, the service enables parents and caregivers to remotely monitor real-time temperature data from anywhere.
Withings Thermo

Withings Thermo is Wi-Fi connected temporal thermometer

With just a point in the direction of the artery, the sensors take 4,000 measurements in 2 seconds while a special algorithm automatically corrects for biases.
Vital Scout

This wearable patch is designed to monitor your stress level

VivaLnk's Vital Scout uses multiple sensors including electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement to continuously monitor heart rate and other body functions.
MOCAheart leather keychain

MOCACARE’s MOCAheart gets new colors, accessories

MOCAheart will be available in Pink, Green, Yellow and Platinum; also it will get two new accessories - a leather keychain and a smartphone case.
iHealth Wave

iHealth Wave is a wearable made for swimmers

Frequent swimmers will get to benefit from in-depth analysis of swimming with support for different styles, with quantified movements and calories burned.
Samsung Welt

Samsung to showcase smart health belt at CES

Called WELT, it looks like a normal belt, with added electronics to provide users with a more discreet way of using sensors to monitor their health.