ExamMed launches universal healthcare technology platform

The platform is deemed ideal for any office setting and patients of any age, ranging from practices to hospitals, urgent care and home care to clinics.
text message

CareMessage raises another $2.3M from Google.org

Instead of video, San Francisco-based nonprofit relies on SMS to keep users in tune with health; with the help of SMS they are able to reach a wider audience.
myHealthPortal web portal

Michigan launches myHealthButton mobile app, myHealthPortal web portal

These services are made to promote connectivity between patients and providers, allowing patients to access their medical information remotely.
QardioBase smart scale

QardioBase, QardioMD announced at CES

The fancy smart scale and web/mobile solution for healthcare professionals make it easier for both the doctors and patients to manage their health.
Fitnet for Android

Fitnet comes to Android, Google Chromecast

The popular fitness app is now available to over 95% of worldwide smartphone market; Chromecast integration adds new content on the large screen.
Jawbone UP for Groups

Jawbone unveils UP for Groups

Designed for any group of 10 or more participants, UP for Group has already been tested with large companies, smaller organizations and professional groups.

FitAd launches world’s first wearable ad platform

The new mobility ad network delivers advertising for fitness and health brands across smartphones, tablets and wearable devices.
Microsoft Band

Microsoft announces its smart band, Health platform

The Microsoft Health app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone; the Microsoft Band is now up for pre-order at MicrosoftStore.com for $199.

Omicia’s Opal Clinical platform helps researchers interpret DNA data

The platform allows hospitals and diagnostic labs to launch genetic studies faster and interpret results more quickly and more accurately.

Cigna Health Matters uses gamification, social pressure to make users exercise

The program is a suite of health coaching tools designed to help users set and meet health goals by matching every user to the right tool at the right time.