The Brush Logger

The Brush Logger makes regular toothbrushes smart

Beyond tracking, the device will also send notifications to parents when a child is not brushing their teeth, or if a toothbrush is too old.
LifeBrush smart toothbrush

LifeBrush smart toothbrush can help conquer cavities

The ultrasonic toothbrush knows its position in a mouth and shows exactly where you brushed and for how long; this data is then accessible through an app.
Alex Frommeyer

Interview with Beam Technologies’ founder and CEO Alex Frommeyer

The Columbus, OH-based digital health startup is offering a mobile-connected, smart toothbrush to reinvent dental benefits.

A device can show patients what dentists see

MouthWatch's $199 intraoral camera is cheap enough to give to patients; it can convince patients of needed work, and prescreen adult patients before a visit.
Light scanner Toothscan wants to reinvent dental hygiene

Light scanner Toothscan wants to reinvent dental hygiene

This new kind of medical device is designed to help users maintain their dental health by acting as an early detection tool for dental problems.
Goodwell smart toothbrush is built to last

Goodwell smart toothbrush is built to last

The toothbrush relies on a 3-axis accelerometer and on-board microcontroller to keep up with user's oral activities and send the information to the app.
Beam Technologies

Beam Technologies secures $5 million for its smart toothbrush

Beam's toothbrush connects via Bluetooth to an iPhone or Android-based device to tell the user about his or her brushing habits.
Grush - gaming toothbrush

Grush is a gaming toothbrush for kids

The built-in motion sensors together with mobile games are made to guide kids' brushing while allowing parents to track results.
Connected electric toothbrush Kolibree

Connected electric toothbrush Kolibree raising funds at Kickstarter

The device combines the advanced sensor technology to detect movements and educate users to better brush their teeth, and motivate them to do that properly.
Bluetooth-enabled ToothBrush

World’s first Bluetooth-enabled ToothBrush to debut at Mobile World Congress

The innovative device will provide users with "excellent control" over their oral care through an Android or iOS application.