Pebble Health

Pebble’s latest update adds new health-tracking features

The update provides users with a more holistic snapshot of their steps and sleep, letting them compare their current activity with past days, weeks and months.

This app will help Brits walk and run more

Sweatcoin allows users to earn digital currency for their steps and later use their earnings to purchase real-world products and services.
GOQii app

GOQii brings its wearables-enabled coaching platform to the U.S.

What makes GOQii different than other fitness band makers is the fact that it integrates data tracking with personal coaching services.
Move It

Mobile-connected smart home gym Move It raising funds at Indiegogo

The system is comprised of an Ab Wheel, a Resistance Band, two Push-Up Handles and a Jump Rope, all of which feature intelligent handles and sensors.
Humana go365

HumanaVitality to be renamed to Go365 by Humana on January 1, 2017

Aside from name change, the program will also be updated with enhanced features including a more personalized approach to health and wellness.
NakedLabs smart mirror

This smart mirror will help you get and stay in shape

Designed by Naked Labs, the 3D fitness tracker includes a full-length 3D scanning mirror, a scale that doubles as a turntable, and the Naked mobile app.
adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit

adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit is an activity tracker with heart rate monitor for...

The device works with the IHT Spirit System to make it easier for teachers to manage an entire class and facilitate one-on-one conversations with students.

LiftUp aims to reimagine strength training

LiftUp offers portable, smart home gym using resistance bands; it will automatically track your workout, analyze your progress, and do it in style.
HumanaVitality study

Three-year Humana study shows wellness program engagement lowers health claims costs

Employees engaged with the program had fewer unscheduled absences, lower overall health claims costs and fewer visits to the hospital and emergency room.

Skulpt launches its science-backed smart fitness trainer

The system includes a compact body scanner device called Chisel and a mobile app that work together to provide customized workouts and nutrition guidance.