Tracking Health Trackers

Tracking Health Trackers

Maintaining one's health greatly relies on the gathering and analyzing of health indicators like weight, diet, exercise routine or symptoms.
Healthcare IT Trends Transforming Healthcare in 2013 and Beyond

Healthcare IT Trends Transforming Healthcare in 2013 and Beyond

The trends include mobile networking, desktop virtualization, big & small data, mobility at the patient bedside, and telehealth reins in readmissions.
40 Key Trends Shaping The Future of Medicine

The Guide to the Future of Medicine

This infographic is looking at several aspects, including prepare & prevent, data input & diagnostics, therapy & follow up, and outcomes & consequences.
Brush Monkey

Brush Monkey connects ordinary toothbrushes to the Internet

The small wireless sensor can be attached to regular toothbrushes and turn them into their smart equivalents.

MapMyFitness’s new MapMyDogwalk app lets dog owners track daily walks

Dog owners can now join the fun, and track and store their daily walking routes in an online database.

MapMyFitness unveils new fitness apps for Facebook Timeline

Integration "adds new social dimension for fitness enthusiasts." MapMyRun, MapMyRide, MapMyFitness, MapMyWalk, MapMyHike and MapMyTri are all supported.
Gym-Pact hits the App Store

Gym-Pact hits the App Store

Gym-Pact has been launched in Apple's App Store, allowing anyone to sign Pact and earn money by following through on its own promise. Alternatively,...
Jawbone UP smart wristband

Jawbone UP smart wristband along with a dedicated mobile app coming on November 6th

The system consists of a small wristband and an iOS app which are made to track your daily activity, sleep patterns and eating habits.
SickWeather launches in beta

SickWeather launches in beta

One of the features, Sickweather Map, which provides an overview of where symptoms occur in real-time, like a weather map showing cloud and storm activity. raises $1.7M seed financing from investors from Boston, New York and San Francisco

The money will be used to grow the technology platform, and ramp up engineering and product development to support early partners.

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